Vidhyadhar Garden

Although, there are many attractive places and tourists spot in India but the Vidhyadhar Garden holds a special position among all. The Vidhyadhar Garden is located in Rajasthan. You will be able to enjoy every type of facility here like natural beauties, wild life, spa, bars, restaurants, hotels and everything else. Rajasthan has always been the favorite tourist spot and every year people from neighboring and the foreign countries visit this place during the vacations. Rajasthan is well known for showcasing the lifestyle and tradition of modern as well as India in the past. The rich heritage in the Rajasthan is the factor which makes it completely different from the other tourist spots in India. 

If you are planning a Rajasthan Tours, then you should visit the Vidhyadhar Garden here. It is the only well planned garden in the city and it will hardly take around half an hour to reach this place from the city Rajasthan.

It was built in the fond memory of Vidhyadhar Bhattacharya who was the famous architect and the garden planner of Rajasthan. The Vidhyadhar Garden showcases the ancient technique used for the architecture named as Vidhyadhar.

The garden promises to offer the majestic and delightful look to the visitors. One may feel like heaven while standing in the park. The Vidhyadhar Garden was made in the way that the whole area of this garden has been divided into several layers. It compromises of many beautiful features like the galleries and pavilions. You will be able to see the sunset during the evening with ease while being in the park. It is believed that the rulers of the ancient times used this garden as a chateau.

Just conceive the situation; you are standing in the middle of garden surrounded by the green plants and trees, isn’t it sounds too good to be true. So, surely it deserves a visit. The photos and the sculptures of Lord Krishna are engraved in the various walls of this garden. You may find the presence of monkeys as well as peacocks in the Vidhyadhar Garden. The sun throws its rays on the hills during the evening time offering the breathtaking view. Like the other tourist spot in Rajasthan, you can also visit this place by hiring a local taxi or a bus. There are also several water places in the garden which are most commonly used to provide water to the plants and also it adds beauty to the garden.

The Vidhyadhar Garden is also surrounded by the large number of hotels which deal in providing the accommodation to the joint as well as nuclear family. This is located near the Sisodia and is considered as the amalgam of the Mughal as well modern Indian Architecture. The garden also offers many breathtaking sites and is nestled in the lap of the beautiful panoramic valley. The torrential downfalls during the rainy season and the amazing sunset offer the awesomely awesome view. The amazing vastness of the Vidhyadhar Garden boasts a pictorial vineyard too.

The Vidhyadhar Garden is the highly preserved garden in the city and it endorses the lovely fountains, pools and several other features that should be a part of the royal resort. When the renovation of this garden was going on around couple of year back, the garden surprised everyone because the laborers found the number of coins buried in the soil belonging to the medieval period.

It is believed that the greenery of this garden is because of the water from the “bawadi” and this water was also used for the plants in the nearby park known as “The Roop Niwas Garden”. Now, the place can be rented for the picnics as well as for the receptions and other parties.

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Vidhyadhar Garden
Vidhyadhar Garden
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