Great Gardening

If you are hoping that your green fingers ay produce you a stunning garden this spring, full of pretty blooms and colourful sights, then it's not as much about caring for the plants, and more about making sure the soil is of the best quality.

The soil that you put your plants into needs to have a great richness of minerals and goodness for the plants to thrive, as the garden bed is a fragile ecosystem. It needs to have the right ph balance for everything to thrive, and gardeners are discouraged to dig, leaving the earth worms to take the nutrients deep down to the roots of the plants. It is also advised to steer clear of artificial fertilisers, as it makes the plants unhealthy, much like if you were to take steroids. It will initially enhance the growth, but the plants will not have the same quality.

Look at when in the gardening cycle a plant is due to bloom, and arrange the plants in your garden so they alternate, rather than having dead patches through the year where the flowers have come and gone.

Try peppering non flowering shrubbery into the mix to break up the colour, and keep the garden looking alive.

Another top tip from gardening gurus is to not overwater your soil, asd this can have as much of a negative effect as if you were to not water at all. If the soil becomes waterlogged, the roots can become clogged and unable to soak up nutrients.

If you are planning on speeding to add to your garden this spring, make sure your Home Insurance covers the outdoors of your house too.

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Great Gardening
Great Gardening
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