Victory Gardener

In the northern hemisphere this is the perfect time to get going. Spring is the time to be sowing peas, beans,leeks, onions, broccoli, cabbages, spinach, potatoes, sweetcorn, carrots, beets, chard and more. So choose your favorites and enjoy free food in your very own Victory Garden.

Spring has sprung and we see the first lady planting a Victory Garden. Anybody can have a Victory Garden anywhere. In an apartment just set aside one square foot of counter space for a sprouting box. Within days you will be enjoying some of the most nutritious food on the planet. Alfalfa sprouts, been sprouts and many others growing in your very own one square foot Victory Garden any time of the year.

Having a little out side space blessed by the sun expands choices based on size. Even one window box or one clay pot makes it easy to have free food. Just a few seconds of attention every day and your Victory Garden will produce lots of produce which will reduce expenditures at the market.

Everyone is a beginner at some point with fears getting started but you don't have to be. My hands were my first garden tools. If you don't want to get dirty just wear gloves. You can be sure the children will have fun, if you have any.

This time of year watering isn't a worry in most areas. Mother nature takes care of it so it's easy to forget. Nevertheless don't take your eye off it. If you notice it's been dry for a few days it's time to get that hose out. In a short time your victory garden will provide you with free food.

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Victory Gardener
Victory Gardener
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