Garden Tools for the Beginning Gardener

Now that the warmer months are approaching people are beginning to pull out their gardening tools and start planting for the season. Gardening is a wonderful way to add beauty to your yard or to plant your own fruits and vegetables for your dinner table. But what if you have never gardened before? It may seem like a very daunting process if you don't know where to start. You may be tempted to go out and buy every gardening tool in your local hardware store or you may think that one shovel is all you need – instead you need to find a happy medium between these two. By compiling a good starter tool collection your garden is sure to sprout up beautifully this summer and for years to come.

The first thing that you will want to get when building your gardening tool shed is a pair of gardening gloves and a garden kneeler. While some people may like digging in the dirt with their bare hands it is not for everyone, gardening gloves will also protect your hands when you are working with plants that have thorns on them.

Being on your knees in the garden for an extended period of time can also be quite painful, but a kneeler can alleviate this pain. It can be as simple as a small rectangular piece of foam or as intricate as a pair of gardening pants with the kneelers sewn in.

Now that you have your protective gear it is time to dig in with the tools. The first tool that you will need is a rounded shovel to dig the holes in which you will plant seeds or pre-potted plants. This shovel can have either a long or short handle; it just depends on what you are comfortable with. Next you will want to purchase a hoe which you can use to easily turn up rows of earth for planting.

And the last hand tool that you should purchase as a beginner is a rake, a short handled one will help you work around the plants and keep your garden debris free.

One crucial part of the gardening process is watering your plants. Depending on the size of your garden and your personal preferences you may want to purchase a simple watering can or a garden hose. If you don't have much time to water your garden daily a sprinkler is an excellent alternative, some sprinklers you can even set on a timer for the ultimate convenience.

With these few garden tools you will be sure to have a bountiful garden in no time at all. As time goes on and your gardening hobby grows you will probably add more tools to your shed to perfect your garden how you see fit.

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Garden Tools for the Beginning Gardener
Garden Tools for the Beginning Gardener
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