Garden Seeders

Garden seeders are mechanical tools that do the planting of seeds for the vegetable farmer.  Whether vegetable farming is a hobby or a livelihood, planting large tracts of land is hard even for the veteran farmers. There are people who love vegetable gardening and will cultivate any available land to plant anything they desire. These are the hobbyists who are not really interested in the produce or the profit derived from the planting. In contrast to this are the hardcore farmers whose livelihood has always been farming, and have loved farming as their way of this life.  Whether hard core or hobbyists, when the area to be planted is big enough to entail laborious efforts, these farmers will need garden seeders to plant seeds.

Seeders are not expensive tools and are priced within the means of gardening enthusiasts. A good brand like the Earthway 1001-B Precision Garden Seeder costs less than a hundred dollars.

The benefit that the seeders can give to the farmer is big compared to the small price he pays for the machine. The seeder can plant seeds at an incredibly faster speed than manual planting. The depth of planting is maintained at a uniform level and distance between planted seeds is made constant by the seeder.

Some seeders like the Earthway 1001-B has a measuring device that presets the distance of planting for the next furrow.  The working mechanism of a garden seeder is actually quite simple. The seeder has a holding disc that dispenses the seeds into the soil through a rotating wheel which rolls as the farmer pushes the machine over the furrow. The circumference of the wheel controls the distance while its weight adjusts the planting depth. The machine drags a chain over the plunged hole to cover the planted seed top soil.  This sequence of action is repeated over and over as the seeder is pushed over the over making the planting quick and almost effortless. The dispensing disc is replaceable and a corresponding disc is used according to the size and type of seeds to be planted. In the case of the Earthway 1001-B, it comes with six interchangeable discs to choose from.  It is advisable to use the appropriate disc when planting different kind of seeds. Obviously, these seeders are only used for seeds directly planted into the soil like in the case of corn and beans. It can be not be used for transplanting germinated seedlings. 

The vegetable gardeners are glad that inventions like the seeder have been designed to help them in their farming practices.  They know the difficulty of planting seeds manually along a furrow of soil using a plunging stick to plunge the soil, dropping the seed intn the open hole and finally kicking the soil back in after the seed is dropped.  One can just imagine the amount of energy saved by the planter by using garden seeders.

For the garden enthusiasts whose area is not so big, where the planters also need the exercise, it might be advisable to manually plant the seeds. Most garden seeders were not designed for small plot gardeners.
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Garden Seeders
Garden Seeders
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