Home and Garden Solar Products: Today, There's a Lot More Than Just Lighting!

While solar lights are increasingly popular due to technological improvements that makes the lights both brighter and more reliable, many people are not aware that there are several other types of solar-powered products readily available for the home, garden and recreational vehicles.

Advances in solar technology mean quality new products are continually added to the market at affordable prices. As with solar lighting, the return on one's investment is quickly seen through savings in utility bills.

Here's a brief rundown of some of the products now readily available that work as well or better than traditional "electric options" with the convenience of now electricians and significant savings on utility costs.

Solar Vents for Roofs and Gables

In many climates, venting of roofs and gables is necessary to extend the lifetime not only of shingles, but of the more expensive parts of the roof such as the roof sheathing, beams and soffits.

There are many solar powered vents that are easy to install, have great flashing protection and efficiently remove hot, moist or stale attic air. Most solar vents also operate much more quietly than their electric counterparts, and many readily fit into existing ports created for traditional vents. And for those who do not have gable or roof vents, solar technology means no electricians need to be involved in the installation process.

Cost ranges vary given the manufacturer and the vent's capacity, meaning how many square feet the vent can service effectively. As with all most products where technology moves quickly forward, a bottom-of-the-barrel price often means it is an outdated product.

A bit more money can mean that it is a product incorporating newer and better solar technology, as well as other critical factors like durable construction. For example, better models are tested for qualities such as the ability to withstand the impact of hail or windborne objects and many can easily survive the impact of 100 mph winds.

Pest Control

Solar fixtures are great for controlling insects. Many of these work similarly to other battery or electrical bug killers by attracting them to ultraviolet light which then "zaps" them. Many come as part of attractive outdoor light fixtures, and they can be easily placed and readily moved around your yard, pool, patios and decks.

Ultrasonic pest control devices are also available that deter small animals such as mice, squirrels, moles, groundhogs and other creatures that often destroy lawn and gardens. Not only are they safe for pets and children, they too can be installed quickly and easily. Because no poison or traps are used, they are safe for pets and children, and are also well suited for people who want to deter, rather than kill, the pests.


There are a number of solar products that can recharge small electronic gadgets such as cell phones and lap tops. Other popular products are chargers for 12V batteries. These are ideal for use with autos, boats, trucks and RVs. They are designed to compensate for small but steady batter drains and also are easy to install and use. Available in a wide variety of voltages, solar chargers offer variety to meet individual needs.

The Range of Products Continually Expands!

The ability to install fixtures where it is difficult or expensive to access electricity makes solar fountains and pumps great choices. These can be used for decorative ponds or to accent other features in your landscape. Other convenient solar items include boat markers, warning lights for gates, and personalized address signs.

As we move from early spring into summer, new products continue to come on the market. If you visit your favorite solar website store and don't see something you want, contact them and let you know what you need. Odds are they'll be able to get it for you, and be glad that you suggested it to them.

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Home and Garden Solar Products: Today, There's a Lot More Than Just Lighting!
Home and Garden Solar Products: Today, There's a Lot More Than Just Lighting!
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