Garden Hose Holder

Garden Hose Holder
A garden hose holder is a stylish way to keep your garden skirts clean and tidy from all the hose tangling circus you face whilst watering your garden. Plus they are so functional that you can pull it out for utilization anytime you desire to. Delve into knowing the variety of some hose holders in this article...

Watering plants is like a spare-time activity for me. I amply enjoy doing it when I am at home. But personally, I have been to a lot of travesty in the past, in fact still do, on daily basis, when it comes to me and gardening. We don't have a hose holder installed in our tiny garden. Due to that, I tend to tangle my legs and arms into the hosepipe in the process. I realize it when the water is less squirted on the plants and more on me! Well an ideal thought of installing a garden hose holder is the visual appearance of course, like style... color... etc. And second most important is the functionality it provides. Grab on for a holder which is long enough for you to move around freely in your garden. Some holders have a mechanism where in the hosepipe gets automatically wound after you are finished watering. That's convenient and quick! But apart from all the detailed technicalities of garden tools, you would naturally want to go for a garden hose holder which has an appealing aspect in it. You may have seen a bunch of designs, may be on the internet or in your neighbors backyard, but haven't alighted yet as to buy which one. Here is a host of designs that you can use decide faster.

Varieties of Garden Hose Holder

If you are looking out for a firm holder, let me guess in the most obvious way, that, A: you definitely own a garden outside your house or in your backyard which needs watering and care-taking regularly. And B: You already must be aware of the methods to store the hose. Apart from the hoses being a modest help in gardening, the fuss about storing it appropriately without any tangling issue is a headache. Thus, if one uses a hose holder either mounted or a stand, at least that would provide an excellent way to store all the garbled hose mess in their gardens. A garden hose holder is the most adept way to maintain a clean and orderly house garden.

(Note: You will find all the names mentioned in this article on the internet. Kindly check for all the specifications before purchasing)

Black Tendril Hose Holder- Ahh! This is one elegant piece of hose holder. It has weaves intertwining just like tendrils on the trees. That effect is quite catchy! Moreover it's very functional, saves space and has a multi-climate condition black finishing coat on it. This holder certainly matches a landscape view, if in case you reside anywhere close to this idea.

Black Vine & Trellis Hose Holder- On a personal note, I think this is the most decorative hose holder one could think of mounting for their gardens. It is imitated out of Victorian style with fencing made of wrought iron. Also, the elegant vines on this holder are inscribed in the form of Gothic leaves. This hose holder is undoubtedly an embellishment to your home and looks simply great against a stucco or brick wall.

Verdigris Chickadee Hose Holder- Something different, something far unique! Apart from ordinary leaves and flower designs presiding in hose holders, how about projecting garden birds and small animals?! Well here is a Chickadee theme of birds. These birds have a nature to flock in groups, and so you get to bag not one bird, but all of them. Along with that beautiful handcrafted leaves and flowers are engraved on the hose. The finishing coat of this tool is blue-green verdigris copper known to last for years and over. Reading all this, do I need to elaborate any more of its goody-goodies?!

Moss Green Foliate Hose Holder- This design will match the taste of all those creative heads eyeballing for exclusives designs for their desired hose holders. It imitates an artificial sculpture in your garden, but the one which gives you enough space for a commodity. It's quite interesting in its looks having all the soft, subtle leaves and interwoven twines practically intersecting each other to create a lovely visual appearance. Also, its metal make has durability and won't rust for a while.

Verdigris Frog Hose Holder- Mounting this hose holder, believe me will save many of your 'leaps' in your garden, while you are trying to entangle the hosepipe in the time of action. This design has frogs engraved with the perfect handcrafted lily pads beneath the frogs. This hose theme could be put up in case you have children at home who are professional frog collectors and love to water the plants in your garden. It doesn't mean that people with sense of humor can't do that either! (wink!) Well, the hose reel easily coils up onto the holder and helps keep a tidy environment.

Black Victorian Hose Holder- Descending from Victorian times, this black Victorian hose holder is classy, elegant and smart in its show. Having the best craftsmanship and rich-quality material in terms of weather proof, this holder is a great pick and a find too! The clean metal finish gives it a sleek black look, hence its Classy. And the easy maintenance and storage facility defines it Smart.

Finding your desired garden hose holder is unlike finding your way in the dark. Just be in the state of right mind and right eye when you go shopping, and nothing would quit you from selecting the best facet in your 'books of aesthetics'!
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Garden Hose Holder
Garden Hose Holder
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