Plant Watering Devices

Plant Watering Devices
Watering plants in your garden or your indoor plotted plants are very important if you want to keep them healthy. There are various devices and equipment for watering plants.

Whether you are an avid gardener who has a large garden or an apartment dweller with a few potted plants, watering them is essential to keep them in best condition. After you are done planting your favorite rose bushes or vegetables, all they need for growth is sunshine and water. It is very important to water plants at regular intervals so that they don't wither and die. Plants should be watered according to the type they belong to. Over-water your plants and they will rot and of course we all know what happens if we neglect to sufficiently water them.

Houseplant Watering Devices

The biggest problem that most home owners face is who will water their plants when they are away for a holiday or vacation. If you have a kindly neighbor or relative who can be trusted to water your precious indoor plants, then you are lucky. If, on the other hand, there is nobody to take care of your plants, you need not worry, as there are a lot of indoor plant watering devices to suit your needs. You can buy some of these watering devices from your local nursery or gardening shop, but why not make something at home.

Plastic Bag Method
The plastic bag method works well for people who will be away from the house for a short duration, say 4 or 5 days. In this method, you need to place your plant along with the pot into individual clear plastic bag. Place some wooden sticks into the pot to make sure that the plastic bag does not come in contact with the leaves or stems of the plant. Remember to water the plant thoroughly before placing it inside the plastic bag. Tie the top of the plastic into a knot. You will see some water droplets on the inside of the plastic bag that is formed due to humidity. This will keep your plants well moistened and will keep it from drying out.

Water Wicks
An inexpensive plant watering device is the water wick. In this method, one end of a braided rope called the water wick is placed inside a container of water, while the other end is placed into the soil of the indoor plant. As the water in the container gets absorbed by the coiled rope, it delivers water to the plant in a steady fashion. The larger the container you use for storing water, the longer your plant will receive water while you are on vacation.

Capillary Mats
Another great plant watering device is the capillary mat. A capillary mat is made out of felt which naturally absorbs water. It is placed in a bathtub or a large sink and then the faucet or tap is turned on just enough so that you create a steady drip of water. Place the capillary mat in such a way that it is sitting directly beneath the drip. Now place your plotted plants on the capillary mat and the plants will soak up as much water as needed.

You can also get automatic plant watering devices from your local greenhouse to get a specific amount of water on a plant according to your schedule. You can even purchase the bottle top water spike or a plant sitter for your plant's watering needs.
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Plant Watering Devices
Plant Watering Devices
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